System information

Starcut Reload Drive System is a plugable series hybrid. The main parts are a brushless motor wich always drives the propeller, a Lithium battery, a enginedriven generator or Range Extender (RE), a onboard charger.

Max cruising speed is 15 knots in battery or hybrid mode. At this speed range is 15 nautical miles in battery mode, and in hybrid mode not less than 25 nm. Below planing speed, range is the double.

When handling the boat, drive mode is selected by driver depending on battery SOC (like ”fuel level”) and how far to go. ”Battery mode” or ”Hybrid mode” can be selected. In hybrid mode the RE operation is done automaticly. The RE will shut down at slow speed, e.g. at harbor, narrow passages, speed limits etc. If battery charge allows this.

Charging with onboard charger is done from 230V receptecle in your boatclub, guestharbor, yacth club or privat pier. Solarcells can be installed as option. 

Suppliers and Partners:

Kockums AB, Karlskrona
Sevcon Controllers
Heinzmann, Perm motors
Electroengine AB
Aventek AB
Elektronikkonsult AB
KTA Services Inc.
Sandab AB
GlueStick AB

More information:

starcut is a registrered trademark.